Senior Product Designer

Gurugram, Haryana, India | Design | Full-time



About SplashLearn

Our vision is to transform K-12 learning by making it fun and personalized for every child globally and to prepare them for the skills required in the 21st-century. With more than 30M+ students onboard, we are the fastest growing elementary math program in the United States. Backed by Accel Partners and many more prominent investors, SplashLearn has won almost all Ed-tech awards ranging from Stevie Award for best Ed-tech product, Tabby award for best business, Parents Choice Award, Best App Ever Award, and many others. We believe, this is just the beginning.

To help us get to the next stage and to reach 100M+ students worldwide, we are looking for highly motivated individuals with a passion for building high performing teams. 

When was the last time you learned something new? Was it in a classroom? Upon doing an assignment? When did someone tell you how something needs to be done? 

Most likely it was none of these, but a time you enjoyed doing something so much, you couldn't stop doing it, till the time you got better at it. 

That's why at SplashLearn we believe that learning & fun go hand in hand. We get excited by knowing that millions of 3 to 10-year-olds come to our product every month to have fun playing our carefully crafted games and end up learning Maths & English while they are at it. 

And did we tell you how fun it is to design for kids? A lot!

Imagine a user who can't read, who can't click on a small button but has this insatiable appetite for finding something playful. Add to it the complexity that none of them will sit straight in a user testing session without getting distracted. Top that up with the knowledge that every two years their preferences shift so much that you're not even speaking to the same person anymore. And finally, add on that a layer of social responsibility and child protection that comes with digital product usage by kids. Designing for this user is super duper challenging and therefore super duper fun. But wait, we didn't even tell you about the kid's concerned parents & their ambitious teachers - We design for them too. 


SplashLearn is a highly design-focused organization where the best design minds come together to create visually stunning and functional products. You will work for diverse user personas ranging from 5-year olds to adults. While our products are rich in visuals, animations, and sound effects that delight kids, we also design sophisticated dashboards for parents and teachers. To help us get to the next stage and reach 100M+ students worldwide, we are looking for highly motivated individuals who can marry simplicity in design with innovation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with product and engineering teams to enhance the user experience of
    SplashLearn’s new and existing products.
  • Conduct user research (with teachers, parents, and kids) and usability studies to build
    user personas, user goals, storyboards, and user journeys.
  • Translate the user journeys into wireframes and prototypes for multiple devices.
  • Test the prototypes with multiple user personas to get real-time user feedback and to
    validate the design hypothesis.
  • Work closely with the engineering team to ensure prototypes are translated into the product and ensure pixel-perfect designs.
  • Analyze data to identify gaps in user experience and to improve upon the gaps.


Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • Experience in using wireframing and prototyping software’s like Marvel, InVision or
  • Familiarity with user interface guides for different devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) and
    operating systems (iOS/Android).
  • Ability to generate actionable insights by analyzing data and the user's behavior.
  • Understanding of the capabilities and limitations of various UI languages like HTML,
    CSS, JavaScript.
  • Time and resource management skills.
  • Ability to learn fast and take direction.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to clearly articulate design decisions to the team and leadership.