SE-ll/SSE - Game Development(COCOS)

Gurugram, Haryana, India | Engineering | Full-time

About SplashLearn
SplashLearn is a dynamic company on a mission to provide the most compelling, comprehensive, and effective K-12 education available. Used by over 30 million kids and 77 thousand schools,SplashLearn is one of the biggest education programs in the US.
Our employees are a critical part of the organization and help in building innovative and powerful ways to educate children. They have a passion for education and a drive to make a difference. Passionate Elementary Educators are needed at the SplashLearn. We want you to be a part of our talented team!
What you ‘ll do: Core Responsibility
We are looking for a technical & product-aware engineer who will build the best of breed architecture for our platform. Come and be a part of our small, high-performance game developer team focused on delivering an unwatchable delight to the kids! An app with over a million active users, solving a million problem a day. The pace of our growth is incredible – if you want to tackle hard and interesting problems at scale, and create an impact within an entrepreneurial environment, join us!
Tech Requirements:
•3+ years of experience working with Cocos2d-js.
•Write modular code, create reusable components
•Create quick prototypes for game ideas and concepts
•Very good with algorithms and problem solving
•Create games based on the Game and Level Design Documents
•Optimize code for best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of games across platforms
•Work with Game Designers to algorithmically generate levels
•Own all technical aspects of the game, including challenges in implementing the core game mechanics, art, animation
•Preferably B.Tech/B.E or equivalent degree(BCA/MCA) from Tier 1 college
Brownie points:
•Experience building games for the mobile or web
•Understanding of common Design Patterns and techniques in game development
Culture at SplashLearn
At SplashLearn we dig individuality. We love people who have something to say, and we listen. With us, you will get a chance to weave a little bit of you in our suite of learning products that are being used by millions of users. We have a workplace that is perennially high on energy. You can find people deeply engrossed in conversations that range from the latest movie to the newest tech on the block, and you will also see people who don’t want to have anything to do with that and are quietly typing away on their machines. For more information about the company, please visit